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We are keen to utilize all our capabilities and network to supply a wide range of approved medical devices and medical equipment as well as medical component and API to companies active in medical and pharmaceutical business, governmental and private hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions.

At EMSI ILAC MEDICAL DEVICES we supply first grade and high-quality products including:

– Hemodialysis equipment, HD machines, dialysis filters, spare parts and components
– Hollow fibers.
– Blood lines blood circuits and connectors
– API for medicine production
– Orthopedic products
– Blood purification products
– Medical polymers and medical plastics
– Plasma separators
– Fistula needle sets
– IV Catheter
– Syringes and components
– AVF Needles
– Leukocyte reduction sets
– Drug administration sets
– Sodium Bicarbonate
– Pharma packaging

With this wide range of products and creating an effective network with overseas manufacturers and wholesalers, we are committed to offer the highest-quality products while maintaining the most competitive Prices and delivering the orders in right time to have the most satisfaction level among our clients.

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