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In our company, personal development or professional trainings are organized in certain periods in order to improve the productivity of our employees by improving their knowledge, skills and competencies. These training needs are determined by training evaluation questionnaire and / or requests from department managers. In addition, the personnel who think that there is a need for training can request training on their own request.
In our company, which adopts the philosophy that the investment made to the employees is the most important investment, a training schedule is planned by the Human Resources Department every year. In the future, in-house or outside trainings are organized in accordance with this schedule.
Performance Evaluation and Career Planning
The Human Resources department determines the extent to which the company’s employees have achieved the targets set in line with the company’s strategies and evaluates the performance in terms of position competencies.
As a result of the Performance Assessment, training and career planning is carried out by determining the competencies open to development for the personnel who are successful by the human resources specialist and department manager.

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